Periscope #1 – Success!

So I had my first Periscope broadcast this morning around 9am PDT, with 43 viewers.

I discussed a little about me, and some of the information in chapters 1, 2, and 13.  There was a little interaction with some viewers.  It was fun!

I saved the broadcast and — with a slight amount of editing and captioning — put it on YouTube.  Take a look, and join me next time!

Over 500 Twitter Follows

Well, it’s been a while since I posted anything here, and I’ve actually been pretty bad about not Tweeting much lately either.

But it’s nice to know that my Twitters following is now over 500 — without even trying that hard.

Twitter fans!

So I’ve launched a little “grab some followers” campaign on Twitter, and in under a week with really very little effort, I’m up from my original paltry sum of 6 followers to over 200!

It’s not really difficult, and anyone — even you — can do it!  The trick to me isn’t “just getting followers”, because there are sites that guarantee you to get beaucoup links for a price (in spite of Twitter policy).  The trick is to get people that might actually be interested in what you have to say.

Here’s my approach:

  1. Log into Twitter.
  2. Search for something or someone of interest.  In my case, I searched for hashtags of #work, #job, #career, and #hr.
  3. Follow a number of people that show up.  Don’t just “click down the page” and follow everyone that’s on the list.  Glance over their post or their profile and get a feel for whether or not they’re a good match.  Then, if they are, go ahead and follow them.
  4. Note that Twitter actually limits the number of people you can follow in one day.  (More precisely, they limit the number of additional followers you can add in one day.)  The goal should be “steady growth”.
  5. After following a number of people (I recommend maybe 75-100 in the first session), just sit back and wait.  Some of them will in turn follow you.  Occasionally someone will follow you just because you followed them, even if they’re not interested in you or what you have to say.  To paraphrase Obi-Wan, “these are not the followers you seek.”  But at this point, you can keep them. 🙂
  6. Some number of people you followed will follow you back because they like what you represent.  These are good followers.  Why?  Because people that follow them will also look at who they follow, and you are one of them!  If, while perusing that list, they find you of interest, they will follow you too!
  7. I recommend following people that follow you, for several reasons which I’ll get to in a minute.  But I want to add first: don’t blindly follow every follower.  Look at their profile!  Some of them are not at all the types of followers you want in your list.  Some of them will be okay to follow, but be on the lookout for any follower that appears sleazy (“hey, interested in some late night IM?”) or just eager to push some sort of product on you.  If people follow them, those “less than deisreable followers” will in turn follow your good followers, and ultimately will scare some number of them away.  You are better off bypassing the troublemakers, and searching for quality followers.
  8. After a few hours, you’ll have 20 or 30 followers.  I recommend next going to look at those now followers, and looking at who they follow.  If you’ve picked well in the first round, then these “second level followers” will also be quality followers!  Follow some of them (again, 75-100 in one session), and then wait until the next day to see what develops.
  9. At some point, you will start to see followers on your list that you did not initially followThey found you by looking at your followers!  Now you are building momentum without trying!  I find that this usually happens with a carefully selected group of initial followers after you have reached about 150-200 follow-backs.
  10. Continue this approach in your spare time: look for followers of followers, and also search again for new hashtags you see.
  11. Why “do this in your spare time”?  Because if you did it constantly, you would run up against the limit of how many new follows you can do in a day.  Might as well not stress about it, enjoy it, and watch it grow at a nice, steady pace.

That’s my approach, and I’m sticking to it!  You should too.