13 Positive, Practical Ways to Deal!

Front Cover

Front Cover

Welcome to “I Hate My Damn Job!”.  It’s not all about the hating… it’s more about the coping!  Here’s my “13 Positive, Practical Ways to Change, Cope With, or Escape Your Own Personal Situation”, as listed in my book:

  1. Change Your Atitude
  2. Find Enjoyment Outside of Work
  3. Down-Shift a Notch or Two
  4. Up-Shift a Notch or Two
  5. Get Away: Take An Extended Vacation
  6. Prepare For A Better Future
  7. Change Positions – Within Your Company
  8. Voice Your Concerns
  9. Accentuate the Positive
  10. Examine Your Skills
  11. Seek Professional Help
  12. Change Companies
  13. Quit!

Get a copy, and an extra one for your boss/supervisor/manager! Now available exclusively from the author here.

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